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Welcome to A.C.E., Inc.ís Statewide Florida Subpoena Services website! Our company is here to help you in taking care of all of your subpoena service needs throughout Florida area in the most professional way possible.

A.C.E., Inc. is a 21-year-old company that has been conducting its business throughout the entire state of Florida, where our corporate office is located in Boynton Beach. A.C.E., Inc. is recognized as being the most reliable Subpoena Services company to handle all subpoena services in Florida. 

 When you need your subpoenas delivered and/or served by a licensed and experienced process server in Florida please contact us anytime. We will be sure to provide you with a flat fee and offer you the finest services in Florida, guaranteed.

A.C.E., Inc. takes pride in being a widely renowned process serving company that is reliable and efficient across the entire state of Florida. We take your business very seriously, where we go through great lengths to get the job done proficiently and accurately in any city or county in South Florida. An appropriate affidavit of service is documented and delivered upon completion of each subpoena service request.

The process of serving subpoenas are generally the same, but can have little tweaks depending on the states in question. This page is meant to provide clarity into the process of subpoenas and how the process can be changed depending on guidelines.


            Generally, subpoenas are issued by the clerk of the court in the name of the particular judge who is presiding over the case at hand. When a subpoena is delivered, the recipient must respond to it within a certain period of time or face possible legal ramifications.


            However, there are some circumstances where the recipient(s) can object to the subpoena issued. The reasoning to object against a subpoena must be relevant and deemed worthy, but in any case can still occur sometimes.


            To object against a subpoena the party must thoroughly explain how the subpoena is requesting information that is irrelevant to the case, such as records that are confidential or records that have no relevance to the court case proceedings.


            In the state of Florida, before being able to serve subpoenas to people the subpoenaing party must first file either a Notice of Intent to Serve Subpoena or a Notice of Production from Non-Party. These notices must be filed ten days in advance of serving a subpoena. This is done in Florida and other states to give the defendant(s) adequate time to prepare for and possibly file any/all objections to the incoming subpoena.


We accept subpoena's via email and or facsimile. We encourage you to send the subpoena electronically to save time and to not waste paper. All services are performed in a "standard" time frame which is four business days. When you need your subpoena served on a "rush" basis, we can serve and deliver within hours, when requested. 

We serve and delivery a wide range of Subpoena's. The most popular Subpoena's served in Florida are as follows:

Witness Subpoena
Records Subpoena
Subpoena for Trial
Subpoena Duces Tecum
Subpoena ad Testificandum
So Ordered Subpoena
Subpoena for Medical Records
Subpoena for Financial Records
Subpoena for Employment Records
Criminal Subpoena
Subpoena to Appear for Deposition
Subpoena for Records without Deposition
Standard Timing of serving a Subpoena
Rush Timing of serving the Subpoena
Serving an Evasive Witness
Corporate Subpoena Service
USDC Subpoena Duces Tecum
USDC Subpoena to Appear
USDC Subpoena to Produce

Specialized Subpoena Services
Out of State Subpoena services
Foreign Subpoena Services
Serving an Evasive or uncooperative witness
Handling scheduled service on any day or hour needed.
Stake out / Covert Service
Locating Witnesses
High volume services professional organized and served

A. C. E., Inc. Subpoena Services in Florida are guaranteed

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